Horse and Dog Therapy – Volunteer Projects in Ecuador

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Volunteer Work Ecuador

Equine-assisted therapy

Many times we do not imagine that the mere act of putting a child on a horse would make a significant change in their brain. But this is exactly what happens in our equestrian therapy projects. Children with the help of our volunteers are given a ride regularly and with this type of rehabilitation children achieved both physical and emotional gains by taking advantage of the three-dimensional movement of a horse.

This type of rehabilitation also helps to stimulate the muscles and joints, in the same way that contact with a horse gives curative therapeutic benefits.  Such benefits are cognitive, communicative, and added personality advances. Our volunteers also aid in maintaining the stables and horses.  The equestrian therapy center currently has no employees, which makes the contributions of our volunteers essential to continuation of this great program and to help the center stay free of charge to the disabled children of Quito.

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