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Our new project: Working in the Cloud Forest of Ecuador

How many times will you have the chance to see the clouds touching a forest that looks like a jungle in the mountains?












Ecuador River       We have just added to our list of project our newest program, located 2 hours away from Quito in direction to the Ecuadorian coast passing from the 3000 meters above the sea level to the 1300 m.a.s.l. until we arrive to one of the most biodiversity areas in our territory and also the one with one of the most beautiful landscapes, with waterfalls, rivers, and so much life!



This project works on the environmental, agricultural, and development field while helping the project owners to achieve their goals. Volunteers have the only chance to live in this area where all the products that you will consume will come from the same area where you work.


Have you ever wondered how would it be to wake up in the middle of the paradise and get a coffee or a chocolate that was previously made by yourself with your own hands? Or what it feels like going to work in the morning in middle of the cloud forest and in your way back to the lunch time you can eat those vegetables that were cultivated by you a couple of weeks ago?  Well, then we have the option for you to go through that experience.


Working 5 days a week and then take a walk through the same forest where you live and find amazing waterfalls, rivers, plants and wildlife, our new project will permit you to have a pretty close perspective of our culture in another different spot of our Amazing country.


For more information or if you wanted to enroll as a volunteer with us please feel free to visit the following link:

Celebración de cumpleaños con voluntarios


Guardería con niños indígenas

photo 1 (2)Esta Guardería fue creada para beneficio de los niños/hijos de los indígenas quienes trabajan en el mercado abierto de ese barrio.  Anteriormente, los niños pasaban alado de sus padres mientras ellos trabajaban; sufriendo hambre, frío, calor, peligro y otros factores negativos de la vida en las calles.

En la actualidad, con ayuda de organizaciones gubernamentales y no gubernamentales como la fundación Simón, La guardería consta con 4 habitaciones que albergan alrededor de 80 niños. En cada habitación hay un grupo entre 15 y 20 niños, divididos por edades, que van entre los 8 meses hasta los 4 años de edad. Cada grupo está dirigido por una sola educadora; lo normal sería, máximo 10 niños por cada educadora.