Volunteers Give Love, Time And Resources

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1Volunteers more important contribution in our projects is their PRESENCE.

They share daily life of children, women, elders, animals and learn to see the world from another perspective.

For some participants this is an exciting experience, others need more time to understand the importance of their contribution.  Just by holding a child’s hand or fixing a path you will be truly making a difference in someone’s people’s life and believe it or not in yours too.


As a foundation one of our principles is to give a percentage of your contribution to the project in material things.  It could be for new furniture or ceiling, playgrounds, renovations, food or didactic material.


At the end of the year we also collect funds to help in the Christmas festivities of different projects.

If you ask where your contribution is going we make sure that it goes to the places where you volunteer and the children or people that need it the most.

One of our day care centers in the south made a special celebration in occasion of CHILDREN’S DAY.


They ask for a special treat and this time it was ice cream, the images tell how much the children enjoyed it :)



Some participants, who realize the needs of some of our projects, decide to leave or send extra donations that they collect at home between family and friends.


Thanks to all of you.

We always make sure that the funds are invested in things that will contribute to the children education or nutrition.

This week we helped the Day Care center in San Roque by buying food for the month and didactic materials.  Take a look at the pics :)


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