Volunteering: The First Week

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The first couple days or week in a new place can be hard, but we are always there 100% of the time right behind you every step of the way in this new chapter!  For further proof of this, here is what Madi, a new volunteer has to say about her first week!

“My first week in Ecuador flew by! The first week was a lot of adjusting, taking classes, and exploring with friends. I am pretty well oriented with the city now and can find my way around.

This weekend we went to Otavalo, a small town that has a big indigenous market, and explored Cuicoche Lagoona. It was beautiful!



Today I had my first day at the Angel Home and it was an amazing experience! The children are so sweet and I enjoyed spending time with them. There’s a young girl there who was attached to me most of the day. She fell asleep in my arms for two hours, it was so sweet! I love it there!

Madi with the little girl who fell asleep in her arms.
Madi with the little girl who fell asleep in her arms.


I am having a blast here, learning a lot, and meeting so many people!”



See!  How bad can all that be?  Come to Ecuador, meet new people, make new friends, help those in need, and even travel!!  It sounds too good to be true, but we can’t make this up!


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